Is this your first time? Are you a computing beginner?

Are you a beginning computer user?

Are you a beginning computer user?

Techie Beginners is all about helping you to learn about computers, learn about blogging, learn how to fix problems when they come up. Anything that I know and can share with you, I will.

It was created after making several tech/beginner instructional posts on a blog that isn’t supposed to be for that purpose.

It was at that time I decided, best to just make a new one. Then I can blog to my heart’s content and not worry about overwhelming my “life” blog with technological mumbo jumbo.

Anyway, glad you’re here! Hope you find something useful. When you do, be sure to tell a friend!

If not, contact me and let me know what you want to see on here!  In the meantime, onward ho!

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