Troubleshooting the Move From Blogger to WordPress

Alright, you created a new blog? Check. You made the decision to try out WordPress? Check. Now you’re about to transfer your blog from Blogger to WordPress, you but want to know what kinds of problems you might have if you do. Good thinking, it’s wise to plan ahead!

WordPress will make the transfer process a breeze. If you had a bunch of special gadgets or code edits in Blogger, be prepared to lose them. In exchange, you get super easy-to-use templates (called “Themes” on WordPress) that come ready to go.

It’s like buying furniture from IKEA versus buying it from LA-Z-Boy.

However, you’ll still wind up needing to make a few tweaks, I’m sure.


Blogger only exported part of each post!

Are you using jump breaks? Did you change your feed settings?

If so, you’ll have to go back to Blogger > Settings > Site Feed and change your “Allow Blog Feeds” setting to “Full”. For some reason, if you don’t have your feed set to “full” then Blogger only exports up to the jump break.

After you’ve changed the setting, re-export your blog. Check it again to make sure everything is fine.

My jump breaks don’t show up in WordPress.

If you go into the HTML side of your post, you’ll find that WordPress changed the jump break code to <a name=”more”></a>.

Unfortunately, there may not be an easy way around this. You can try the method posted here in the forum. Otherwise, you’ll have to manually redo them.

You can redo them all with the jump break button, or you can just go through your posts on the HTML side and paste over the code.

If you paste over the code, you’ll have the opportunity to customize your jump breaks.

  1. From the HTML tab in WordPress, bring up the “Find” box (CTRL + F)
  2. Copy this code: <!–more–>
  3. In the “Find” box, type in <a name=”more”></a>
  4. When you’ve found it, paste the copied cover over that – your jump break is back.
  5. If you wish to customize it, add a space after “More” and type whatever you want. For example, I use <!–more Click to Continue–>

Pages from Blogger are missing in WordPress.

I don’t know why, but even though my exported blog file includes the pages I’d created (About, Blogging for Beginners, etc), WordPress didn’t import them. I had to manually re-create my pages on WordPress.

Hopefully you don’t have too many static pages, but it’s pretty easy either way.

  1. Create your page in WordPress.
  2. Copy all your code from the exported blog file.
  3. Paste it into the HTML tab in WordPress and save.

All my interlinks are still to my original Blogger blog.

This is another problem that I don’t think could have any 3-step solution.

WordPress does make interlinking easy though. Just click on your existing link, click the “link” button WordPress allows you to create interlinks easily with the hyperlink button and lists of all your WordPress posts., and choose from a list of your existing posts. You can even search through your posts to save time.

If you had to change these on Blogger, you’d have to copy and paste each link.

None of my posts are tagged on WordPress.

WordPress treats Blogger’s labels as categories, not tags. This gives you the freedom to create and apply new tags, or turn some of your categories into tags instead.

Ready to Roll!

Are you good to go now? Got everything up and running on WordPress?

Now it’s time to take care of Blogger. (That sounds almost devious, doesn’t it?)

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3 Responses to Troubleshooting the Move From Blogger to WordPress

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  2. Josh says:


    Nice post. I would like to add my two cents. Post migration, users should set the blogger to WordPress re-direction. To know more refer this article


    • Heather says:

      Thanks for the addition. However, this re-director requires installing a plugin on WordPress and thus is only allowed in My post was in regards to, therefore that link won’t work if you’re using the instructions I laid out.

      Still looks useful though, if you’re on!

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