Why I Don’t Worry About People Subscribing to My Blog

Or, not subscribing, as it may be.

Almost any and every blogging tip talks about subscribers. Everyone wants you to subscribe. They want thousands of people to subscribe to their blog. Living in an ideal world, any worthwhile content would get millions of views and every one of them would want to subscribe to that person’s blog. Obviously, this isn’t Planet Euphoria. This is the real world.

In the real world, anyone can write the most profound thing ever written. Until and unless someone finds it, it will just sit in cyberspace doing absolutely nothing. To avoid that, people market their blog, comment on other blogs, and follow hundreds of other tips on how to make their blog more popular.

One of the highest achievements, if you will, is for the reader to subscribe. All the work that goes into this process!

  • First the person has to find your blog.
  • Then you have to get them interested enough to read through the article that they happened upon rather than just turn around and leave.
  • Once they are finished with that article, you want to keep them there. So you have to have plenty of other interesting content at their fingertips, staring them in the face.
  • If they find enough interesting and valuable content on your blog, they might just subscribe.

Whew!! Is that all?!

In a peer-pressured fashion, I subscribed to several blogs that I found and enjoyed. There are different ways to subscribe, as well. Subscriptions can be made via feeds or via email. I don’t really use feeds, so I go with email.

Initially I wanted to just get all the content. But then I also used it as a little experiment to see how often these pro-blog-types actually wrote new content:

Some write every day or every few days, others write once every week or two. Others write every once in a blue moon in a seemingly inconsistent manner.

So, I now have all these new blog subscriptions pouring in to my email. I read a couple. Then I just watched the headlines to see what might be of interest, that I could read when I had nothing else.

Then I stopped altogether.

Subscribing to even one blog, that updates frequently, is like signing up to get spam. It’s spam you presumably want, thus it’s not technically considered spam. But in terms of quantity and value, it winds up having the same (lack of) appeal. And since I don’t care to use feeds, changing my subscriptions to that option is pointless.

If I really like a site, I will simply go back to it.

I’ll go back to it every week, every day, however often I feel like it.

Bookmarking is another coveted “achievement” for a website or blog. I may or may not even bother to bookmark a site I really like.

To me, the real earmark of how much a reader enjoys your website is how often s/he visits and how long they stay.

If I go to a blog and view it less than 10 seconds, even if I do that daily, I really don’t find much value there. That would indicate I didn’t find it worth my investment of time. Sure, I would be a frequent, repeat visitor. But what would I be contributing to you by my visits?

On the other hand, if I go even once a month and spend a couple hours reading different articles, clicking through pages, checking out everything available – I genuinely love that website. I find plenty of value in the content available on that site. Enough to not only return, but also to stay a while each time.

Although subscribers are definitely not a bad thing, I don’t consider them a be-all-end-all meaning of the popularity of your blog. I don’t think that low subscriber numbers mean you’re less of a person (or, a blogger).

Rather than viewing subscribers as an ultimate sign of popularity, view them as a cause and effect. They liked your blog, and because of that they subscribed. Nothing more, nothing less.

Just remember – it’s whether or not they’re reading your content that really counts.

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2 Responses to Why I Don’t Worry About People Subscribing to My Blog

  1. Excellent. THoughtful views are the best “award”

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