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Why I Don’t Worry About People Subscribing to My Blog

Or, not subscribing, as it may be. Almost any and every blogging tip talks about subscribers. Everyone wants you to subscribe. They want thousands of people to subscribe to their blog. Living in an ideal world, any worthwhile content would … Continue reading

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Free Stock Photos and Icons for Your Blog

The web (or should I say, Google) provides a huge variety of images that you can use in your own website or blog. This doesn’t technically mean you’re supposed to, though. When someone wants to, they can exercise their right … Continue reading

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Digg Vs StumbleUpon Vs Reddit – What to Expect

Whether you’ve used them or not, you’ve probably seen social media sharing icons somewhere. They come in all different shapes and sizes. The icons are used to easily click and share a website, blog post, article, photo, etc with everyone … Continue reading

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Blogging Advice the Pros Give but Don’t Always Follow

Across all the popular blogging websites you’ll see some of the same advice repeated in different forms. Like with anything, you’ll also see some of those same popular topics shunned. Some advice even directly contradicts other advice. I decided to … Continue reading

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Creating a Custom Dropdown Menu in WordPress

How would you like to have a nicely organized, customized, hierarchy-style menu in your WordPress.com blog? It’s super easy to do. For starters, login to WordPress and make sure that you have applied any and all appropriate tags and labels … Continue reading

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